Product specifications

Tech Spec

E27 single contact medium
Screw base fitting 10W
A19 form factor
25,000 Hrs lifetime
<2 sec start up from AC power
<0.5 sec start up from standby
Software upgradable
inptu voltage: 220V-240V
Lamp size: 62*110mm

Lumen Output

806 lm @ 4000K
400 lm @ 2200K
570 lm @ 2700K
480 lm @ 6500K
>80 CRI from 2200–4000K

Light Output

Functional white light
>50 thousands shade of white, from warm to cold color temperatures
Dimming only via Hue compatible devices down to 1%
Beam angle –160° ± 20°

In The Box

1x Hue A19 White Ambiance